Incoherent Ramblings

This page is where I decided to publish notes and writeups that might be interesting for other people. It’s my own personal collection of things I decided to write up.

I provide no support or any guarantees for the correctness of what you may find here - use it at your own risk.

Since I don’t want to be bothered with support requests, questions, “shouldn’t X by Y”-type complaints, and other desperate screams for halp, I’ve decided to not provide any contact details.

If you decide to blindly copy-paste anything I write, it will turn ut not to work. It may fuck up your system. You are on your own.

For now, I mostly write about FreeBSD:

Use whatever you may find here at your own risk. This is my personal collection of things I feel may be useful to others but there are no guarantees, no warranties nor any form of support. See the FAQ for details.