Are these really frequently asked questions?

No. Since I chose not to provide a way for people to ask me questions, they really can’t be. This is more a list of things I feel you might want to know

Where am I?

This is my personal collection of write-ups of things I may or may not have found useful at some point.

Who are you?

I prefer not to share. Since I don’t want to be bothered with support requests, questions, “shouldn’t X by Y”-type complaints, and other desperate screams for halp, I’ve decided to not provide any contact details.

Something you wrote is wrong.

Probably. Deal with it.

There’s a better way to do …

Cool! If you want, write about it somewhere. Maybe it will help someone at some point.

Can you help me with …


I copy pasted things from here, now … doesn’t work anymore

You shouldn’t do that. Always figure out what things do, and use your head. It isn’t meant to just be used as a hat stand. Regarding things that don’t work now - unfortunately, you’re on your own.

Can I publish something here?

If you know me, probably. If you don’t, no.

How do you make this site?

I write text with vim. I use hugo to make HTML out of that, because I don’t feel like writing HTML. The theme I use is docDock.

Use whatever you may find here at your own risk. This is my personal collection of things I feel may be useful to others but there are no guarantees, no warranties nor any form of support. See the FAQ for details.