Diskless VMs with bhyve(8) and iPXE

Here’s a quick writeup of how I got iPXE to work nearly out-of-the-box with bhyve. TFTP Configuring inetd can be a PITA, so I just installed tftpd-hpa. Feel free not to be lazy. pkg install tftpd-hpa sysrc tftpd_enable=YES service tftpd start mkdir /usr/local/tftp/ Installing iPXE I installed the iPXE packages built with the iPXE port and linked them into the tftp root: pkg install ipxe ln -s /usr/local/share/ipxe/{undionly.kpxe,ipxe.efi-x86_64} /usr/local/tftp/ Or you can just use this useful site, if you can live with not knowing what it gives you »

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