Diskless VMs with bhyve(8) and iPXE

Here’s a quick writeup of how I got iPXE to work nearly out-of-the-box with bhyve. TFTP Configuring inetd can be a PITA, so I just installed tftpd-hpa. Feel free not to be lazy. pkg install tftpd-hpa sysrc tftpd_enable=YES service tftpd start mkdir /usr/local/tftp/ Installing iPXE I installed the iPXE packages built with the iPXE port and linked them into the tftp root: pkg install ipxe ln -s /usr/local/share/ipxe/{undionly.kpxe,ipxe.efi-x86_64} /usr/local/tftp/ Or you can just use this useful site, if you can live with not knowing what it gives you »

Source-Based Routing with pf(4)

I’ve been playing around for a while now with FreeBSD’s setfib(1) command and multiple routing tables. Having multiple gateways and ensuring that the right traffic is routed to the right gateway is usually a huge PITA. The ‘standard’ way to deal with this problem seems to be using multiple routing tables (or more generally FIBs) and using setfib(1) to route the traffic. This works pretty great – until there’s a case where it doesn’t.


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